'Brussels, Belgium-based Vincent Fournier is a commercial and fine-art photographer whose photographs of rockets, moon landscapes, and cosmonauts have enjoyed worldwide appeal since 2006'

The above photos were taken in

  1. Plateau de Bure Observatory #1 [IRAM], Grenoble, French Alps, 2006.
  2. Moon Valley, Atacama desert, Lunar Robotic Research [NASA], Chile, 2007
  3. (4,5,6) Mars Desert Research Station #5 [MDRS], Mars Society, San Rafael Swell, Utah, U.S.A., 2008

'In Fournier’s photograph NASA’s Space Study Team Headed by Commander John Rack it is hard to believe that the setting is not elaborately staged. The landscape is unbelievable, leaving an unsure consideration of whether or not it is on Mars or if it is a place that exists on Earth.'

(Source: hasselbladusa.com)

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